Altatino-Nikolskaya area

Altatino-Nikolskaya area is located at the northern boundary of Precaspian depression (Saratov region, Russia). 3D MT survey was carried out in this area in 2004. The observations have been performed along several profiles.

3D geoelectric model has been constructed by utilizing MT-data inversion. The model is represented in the form of geoelectric cross-sections and maps of conductance, calculated for depth ranges of 0-4 and 4-6 km.

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Geoelectric structure of sedimentary cover in the considered area is 3-layered and includes conductive suprasalt Mesozoic sediments; highly resistive Kungurian salts, and finally - subsalt horizon (mostly also resistive).

Suprasalt sediments are horizontally layered and their structure could be described utilizing 1D-model. Resistivity of the Mesozoic rocks varies in the range from 1 to 30 Ohm•m and increases with depth.  Thickness of the suprasalt strata varies in a wide range: from 100-300 m above the salt-domes up to 4 km in deep subbasins.

The image of salt-dome structure is shown in at geoelectric cross-sections. It could be clearly seen that some of the salt-domes are forming overhangs and traps. Latter could contain hydrocarbons.

Several relatively resistive zones are revealed in the subsalt strata. They may be related to local carbonate massifs.


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