Romashkinskoe oil field

In 2004 Nord-West carried out MT observations along the profile crossing Tatar Arch and Sernovodsk-Abdulinsk Trough (Republics of  Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, Russia). Total length of the profile was about 300 km.

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The pictures above demonstrate the geoelectrical models of the upper part (to 5 km in depth) and deep part (to 60 km in depth) of the section. The sedimentary cover and the crystalline basement (within the Tatar Arch and Sernovodsk-Abdulinsk Trough) are clearly seen in the upper-part cross-section. The deep cross-section reveals the crustal conductor in the depth range of 20-30 km. The crustal conductor  has an uplift (up to the depth of 15 km) beneath  the Romashkinskoe oil field. It is also possible to mark out some conductive zones beneath the crustal conductor which are located at the borders of the Romashkinskoe field.


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