Uranium exploration by TEM at the Voronezh Anteclise

NordWest company carried out TEM survey of the Prokhorovskaya area located in the south-east part of the Voronezh antecline. The works were customized by Urangeo Company. The purpose of these studies was a delineation of ancient Upper Devon uranium-perspective valleys and refinement of the cross-section of covering and underlaying rocks. The required exploration depth was down to 300 m.

The field campaign was organized in October 2005 - April 2006. Profiled TEM observations were carried out within the Prokhorovskaya area. Six profiles of a total length of 370 km and 400 m spacing of measurement sites were covered. A total of 925 recording sessions were performed. Measurements were done with TEM instrumentation CIKL-5.

In the inverse problem solution, the initial model absorbing the available a priori geological information was set. These works yielded the resistivity cross-sections along the measurement profiles.

The revealed resistivity horizons were compared with the lithological peculiarities of the cross-section. Due to the sparse network of wells, the obtained resistivity cross-sections essentially refine a priori geological information and foster more detailed specification of the Upper Devon formations.

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Main geological results:

  1. Investigated section differentiation was performedВ В В  according to resistivity values, including Upper Devonian formations.
  2. Revealed geoelectrical horizons were matched with stratigraphic scale.
  3. Depth to Precambrian basement (highly resistive geoelectrical horizon) Р°nd thickness of sediments were determined.
  4. ConductiveВ  zone (graphitization zone) was revealed within Precambrian basement.
  5. Depths of occurrences and thicknesses for revealed stratigraphic units were determined.
  6. Sandy Devonian formations locations (perspective for uranium ore) were revealed.

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