HSE Policy

Nord-West company was founded in 1995, today it has more than 100 permanent and seasonal employees, including 6 people with Ph.D. degree in Geophysics. The team consists mainly of middle-aged employees around 35 years old. Nord-West considers human life and health to be of the highest value and strives to treat the environment with care. For this reason, the Company's management prioritizes preventive measures to ensure employee safety and minimize the impact of its operations on the natural and human environment. For these purposes the Company implements all available and practicable set of measures to prevent accidents and incidents, injuries and deterioration of employees' health, introduces the latest technologies, and strives for rational use of natural resources.

Occupational health and safety

The basis of OHS Policy of Nord-West Ltd. is the priority of preserving life and health of employees and students during their work activities when performing production geophysical works anywhere in the world, when developing hardware and software, when teaching students, when training operators and technicians-geophysicists.

The workplaces meet the requirements of safe working conditions, for this purpose the special assessment of working conditions of workplaces is carried out in due time, certified tools, instruments and other household equipment and devices necessary for creating safe working conditions are purchased, and special clothes and shoes and other personal protective equipment, as well as washing and disinfecting agents and first aid kits for employees are purchased in due time.

Employees undergo:

  • timely training in occupational safety and fire safety, first aid to the injured in a licensed training center;
  • timely training on health and safety at work and fire safety in the form of an instruction before starting work;
  • timely mandatory medical examinations.

The main control over the implementation of occupational health and fire safety requirements is carried out by an OHS specialist.

Environmental health and safety

Nord-West environmental policy is based on the federal laws and other statutory acts of the Russian Federation, and international regulatory documents on environmental protection and rational use of natural resources.

The main task of Nord-West employees is not to exceed the permissible level of environmental impact defined by the project. In addition, they must implement all envisaged environmental measures and minimize damage to nature.

Nord-West has a certified expert auditor for internal audits at the enterprise (certificate No. 217 dated August 19, 2017).