Inversio is designed for advanced interpretation of magnetotelluric (MT) data. The software includes all the modern tools used for analysis and profile/areal inversion of MT data in one graphical shell with a unified user interface. In the MT method workflow this prograqm is applied after the processing (EPI-KIT), quality control (QC-QA) and postprocessing (MT-Corrector) software:

Key features:
  • Loading of MT data in EDI (SEG) format, as well as models and results in MPD, MT, MOD formats
  • Visualization of input data in the form of maps, cross-sections, graphs
  • Data rotation, static correction of the apparent resistivity curves
  • Automatic profile 1D inversion and manual model correction
  • 2D inversion (finite-difference or finite-element)
  • Data and results export

What else?

The development and improvement of the program continues. In the near future we plan to implement:

  • 3D inversion (finite-difference and finite-element);
  • Additional options of the static shift correction;
  • Intelligent mesh construction algorithm;
  • Presets for more convenient working;
  • A priori information handling;
  • Multi-user mode.